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About Us

Veroff & Austin, PLLC was founded by Steven Veroff, CPA, and Chelsea Austin, two accountants who envisioned a firm built by leveraging technology and innovative ideas. When other firms were hesitant to embrace new technology, we designed our structure around compliance and data security. Our team incorporates encrypted email and secure, multi-factor authentication document portal, and tax and audit software solutions under a professionally managed information technology network monitored 24/7 to protect our client’s personal information and deliver unmatched service. Today, we are embracing the future of our ever-evolving digital and remote workforce to support efficient processes and customizable reporting.
Another service area where we are nationally recognized is our forensic service practice. For more than 25 years, Steven Veroff has worked with and for nationally recognized certified public accounting firms to provide investigative solutions to law enforcement agencies involving civil and criminal court proceedings.
Veroff & Austin, PLLC is one of only a few CPA and business advisory teams with the sophistication to provide forensic support to local and national law firms and law enforcement agencies investigating private, corporate, and municipal criminal and civil fraud allegations.
But our innovation doesn’t end there.
By giving you and your team direct access to our shareholders and employing high-quality, professional associates, Veroff & Austin, PLLC delivers superior service and knowledge. To do that, we consciously work on creating a flexible environment for our employees who are balancing family and work. When our employees have balanced lives, they are more engaged and ready to provide great ideas and options to you.
Great people. Happy clients. Excellent service. By focusing on you, we build relationships with one client, one family, and one community at a time.
Steven Veroff
Steven Veroff

Our Vision

Our collaborative environment is based on transparency and respect for one another. Employee self-esteem, desired outcomes, and self-actualization may all be achieved when employees put in a lot of effort and want to succeed. We assist our clients in interpreting their financial data so they may increase profitability and reduce taxes. With our full effort, we will explain this strategy to our clients and the open market to create the awareness needed for their business’s core. This process creates a team, as our staff works with clients for better results. Our goal is to minimize your worries and help make it happen.